Six Graduates Earn Degrees in 2018 academic year

Shown below are the students earned Master’s degrees in 2018 academic year. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

Master’s degree

Kazuhiro Kawamura
An Exploratory Research into Modeling of Higher Education Included in Community

Hiromasa Sunada
Visualization of learning process in curriculum that blends theory and practice -Focus on student account of e-portfolio –

Lilan Chen
A Study on International Faculties in JAPANESE Universities -Focusing on CHINESE Faculties-

Mengyuan Ren
A Study on the Job Hunting of Chinese University Students: Case of the Japanese Course’s Students of the Three Universities in Liaoning Province

Kiyomi Horiuchi
Public good(s) on higher education in Japan: An investigation of changing perspectives in stakeholders’ discourse

Hanlong Li 
Study on the distribution principle of the number of student recrutment in Chinese Double First-Class University -Using a modified gravity model of the population movement-