IDEC Educational Development Symposium “Lesson Study in Asia and Africa”, 6 April 2017, Hiroshima University

Recent years, Japanese-style education has been getting international attention.
In fact,  EDU-Port Japan which is a public-private, nationwide initiative to proactively disseminate Japanese-style education overseas is conducted by “All Japan” such as  MEXT,  METI, MOFA, JICA, JETRO and many other organizations including NGOs and private businesses.
In this symposium, IDEC invites the symposiasts, from Indonesia College of Education, National Institute of Education Singapore, JICA, and HU to discuss about Lesson Study which are well known as one of Japanese originated teacher training & has been gradually spread out to the region of Asia and Africa.
You are warmly welcome to attend. Pre-registration is not required.

IDEC Educational Development Symposium “Lesson Study in Asia and Africa”

(Thu) April 6th, 2017 14:00-17:00

Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University K201

●14:00 Opening Remarks,
Dr. Takuya Baba, Dean, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC), Hiroshima University (HU)
●14:15~15:00 Keynote Speech Prof. H. Furqon, Rector, Indonesia University of Education
●15:15~17:00 Symposium~Challenges of Lesson Study in Asia and Africa~
-Dr. H. Furqon, Rector, Indonesia University of Education
-Dr. Christine Kim-Eng Lee, Head, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Academic Group National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
-Mr. Atsushi Matachi, Senior Advisor (Basic Education), Japan International Cooperation Agency
-Mr. Jongsung Kim, Ph.D. candidate & Dr. Kazuhiro Kusahara, Professor, Graduate School of Education, HU
-Dr. Kinya Shimizu, Professor, IDEC, HU (Moderator)
Dr. Chiaki Miwa, Associate Professor, IDEC, HU (MC)


SMATEC: Center for Research and Practice of International Cooperation in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education