The 8th Open Seminar “Higher Education Policy under the Trump Administration: What Lies Ahead?”/ 6 March 2017

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The open seminar will be held as follows:

15:00-17:00, Monday, March 6th, 2017

Higher Education Policy under the Trump Administration: What Lies Ahead?

Room112, RIHE, Hiroshima University

Charles R. Barton, Professor, University of South Carolina Beaufort, USA

A January 17, 2017 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education noted “There has been no shortage of predictions about what to expect” but “Anticipating Mr. Trump on higher education policy may be especially fruitless” because “We know more about tweets right now than policies.” While this may have been the case in January prior to his Inauguraton, the next few months will reveal what to expect for higher education during the next four years. This presentation will highlight what some of those policies will likely be and how they compare with higher education policy during the previous eight years under the Obama Administration.


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