Sign up for the 44th Annual Study Meeting, 27 October 2016

As it has been already announced, we will hold the 44th Annual Study Meeting on 27 October%e7%ac%ac44%e5%9b%9e%e7%a0%94%e7%a9%b6%e5%93%a1%e9%9b%86%e4%bc%9a%e3%83%97%e3%83%ad%e3%82%b0%e3%83%a9%e3%83%a0_%e3%83%9a%e3%83%bc%e3%82%b8_1 2016 at Reception Hall, Hiroshima University. Signing up for the meeting is now available from the application form below. 


Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016,  13:00-18:05

Venue: Reception Hall at Faculty Club, Hiroshima University

Topic: Leadership, Management, and University Governance

Registration fee: Free  

*Networking Reception fee: 4000 yen (A cancellation fee will arise after October 21)


For more information, please refer to the pamphlet of the meeting. Participation in the meeting is free and open to anyone who is interested. However, due to limited space, pre-registration is required. [Registration deadline: Friday, October 21]

To register, fill out the form below. You will receive emailed acknowledgement of your registration in a short time. If you have any questions regarding the meeting, or you discover that you will be unable to attend the meeting after you register, please contact RIHE office.



Job title
Networking Reception