Four papers have been published as research outcomes of “International Joint Research Programs”

The following four papers have been published on Higher Education Policy as a part of research outcomes of RIHE’s “International Joint Research Programs.” 


Yang, J., & Shen, W. (2020). Master’s education in STEM fields in China: Does gender matter? Higher Education Policy (online first)

Shimauchi, S., & Kim, Y (2020). The influence of internationalization policy on master’s education in Japan: A comparison of “Super Global” and Mass-Market universities. Higher Education Policy. (online first)

Jung, J. (2020). Master’s education in Hong Kong: Access and programme diversity. Higher Education Policy. (online first)

Lee, S. J., Kim, S., & Jung, J. (2020). The Effects of a Master’s Degree on Wage and Job Satisfaction in Massified Higher Education: The Case of South Korea. Higher Education Policy (online first)


Selected Project in academic year 2018

The Development of Master’s Education and Its Quality Assurance in East Asia: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan
Dr. Jisun Jung, Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong (Project lead)
Dr. Soo Jeung Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Sejong University, Republic of Korea
Dr. Yangson Kim, Lecturer, Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, Japan