(RIHE Institute Library) Temporary opening hours due to COVID-19

The following information has been updated. For the latest information, please see the home page of the website.


Due to prevention of spread of COVID-19 infection, the RIHE Library’s opening hours will be irregular for the time being.
The RIHE Library Facebook will be updated to reflect the latest information on library services (in Japanese). 

【Opening hours】※subject to change without notice
-Friday, 17 April 
-Monday, 20 April 
-Friday, 24 April      
-Monday, 27 April
-Friday, 8 May       

【Reserving books】
You can reserve books via email before visiting us. Do not hesitate to send us an email. 

【Returning books】
Please return books in the return box in front of the institute library entrance door.
To prevent infection, please return books by yourself without leaving it to anyone.

【Loan extensions】
Due to the irregular opening hours, the return date between April 21 and April 30 has been extended until May 11. 

【For Hiroshima University members】
HU students, faculty and staff have off-campus access to E-resources such as e-journals, e-books and databases. The following links from Hiroshima University Library might help you find information you need.

Off-Campus Access to E-resources:https://www.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/?page_id=390
E-Journals & E-Books:https://www.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/?page_id=368

RIHE publications can be found at the RIHE website at https://rihe-publications.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/

If you have any inquiries, please send an email to wakimoto(at)hiroshima-u.ac.jp
※replace (at) with @

Thank you for your understanding. We all hope this whole COVID-19 situation gets better soon.