Prof.Hada’s article will be published on “Perspectives on Leadership in Higher Education”

Prof. Hada’s research article “International connections: personal stories and cultural contexts in university partnerships” will be published on Perspectives on Leadership in Higher Education in January 2018.

Also, The Big bang in Japanese higher education: the 2004 reforms and the dynamics of change (Eades, Goodman & Hada eds.) was cited by the followings:

1)”…the type the Japanese government has been actively promoting since the early 2000s (Eades,Goodman & Hada, 2005;Poole & Chen, 2009;Tsuruta, 2003) but, rather, a global pivot. 3 Accomplishing such a feat in an und…”

Scaffolding excellence: Content-language integration and the development of Japanese ‘global leaders’
Article · May 2017
Philip MacLellan

2)”… move a decade ago in 2004 to privatise the nationals (dokuritsu hōjinka) (Christensen 2011; Goodman 2005; Hirowatari 2000; Poole and Chen 2009). Consistent with neoliberal policy trends worldwide, the emph…”

Administrative practices as institutional identity: bureaucratic impediments to HE ‘internationalisation’ policy in Japan
Article · Jan 2016 · Comparative Education
Gregory S. Poole