NIAD-QE University Quality Assurance Forum 2022 (SEP 28 2022 ONLINE)

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On 28th September (1:30pm-4:00pm JST / 4:30am-07:00am GMT), NIAD-QE is hosting its annual event, University Quality Assurance Forum online. The event will be centered on the topic “Connecting inside and outside of university: Toward further integration of learning styles”.

Constraints in time and space, such as campus, classroom and required years of enrollment have been taken for granted in addressing quality assurance of higher education. Their indisputability, however, is being increasingly challenged by the progress of aging populations and the emerging post-COVID new normal. The role of the higher education sector in promoting lifelong learning is becoming more significant worldwide, and Japan is not an exception. The higher education community has begun to take initiatives in recognizing and incorporating students’ work experience, prior learning, and microcredentials acquired on and off campus. These perceived symptoms not only instigate a reconsideration of the role of higher education in society but also require a new insight into its quality assurance.

This year, NIAD-QE invites distinguished experts to have a deeper understanding of the articulation and continuation of learning inside and outside of universities, and to discuss the future of higher education and its quality assurance in Japan.

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