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RIHE open seminars (online) 
We have obtained permission from lecturers to post the recordings and presentations which are available online. You will find the following symbols 🎥 and pdf which indicate that the video and PDF files are posted. 

News from RIHE

Feb 24, 2021
RIHE Open Seminar “A comparative study of international faculty members and researchers in Korea, Japan and China”/ March 24, 2021
Feb 24, 2021
RIHE Open Seminar “Findings from interviews with international researchers in research institutes of humanities and social sciences”/ March 17, 2021
Feb 22, 2021
RIHE Open Seminar “New reforms in Student-centered teaching and learning support ―Focusing on the Learning Assistant (LA) system in University of Colorado and Japanese Universities―” (supported by Center for Academic Practice and Resource, Hiroshima University)/ March 12, 2021
Feb 17, 2021
RIHE Open Seminar “The objectives and methods of recruiting international researchers, and utilization of them in Japan’s research institutes of science and technology”/ March 10, 2021
Feb 16, 2021
Prof. Huang’ commentary is published on “University World News”

Higher Education News

Nov 19, 2020
CGHE Seminar “How has the perception of public good of HE changed in post-war Japan?,” December 20, 2020
Nov 17, 2020
Fall 2020 Training Series “Changing international education with COVID-19” at Kansai University
Oct 28, 2020
Fall 2020 Training Series, Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE) at Kansai University
Oct 28, 2020
Invitation for IBE-UNESCO webinar
Aug 26, 2020
NIAD-QE University Quality Assurance Forum 2020 to Be Held Online on 23 September

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