Graduates of RIHE Education Programs

Graduates of Ph.D. Program (with Ph.D. Degrees)

Name Date of Getting Degree
Title of Dissertation
OGATA, Naoyuki 1997/03 Relevance of Higher Education to Work – An Empirical Analysis on Employment and Early Careers of College Graduates
ASONUMA, Akihiro 2000/03 Research Funding System of Japanese National Universities after the WW2
FUKUDOME, Hideto 2003/03 The Emergence of Business Schools in American Universities
KIMOTO, Naomi 2006/03 A Study on the Process of Institutionalization of Home Economics in Japan
KUSHIMOTO, Takeshi 2007/03 The Research on Self-Evaluations of Undergraduate Education in Japan
YE, Lin 2007/03 The Study of Quality Assurance for Transnational Degree Program in China
ONUKI, Yukiko 2009/03 An Impact of the Learner-centered Philosophy on Student Services in American Universities
TATEISHI,Shinji 2011/03 The Research on Student Transfer between Higher Education Institutions in Japan: choice, adaptation, outcomes
SHIMIZU, Eiko 2012/03 An Analysis of Academic Advising System – its role and significance of today
HARADA, Kentaro 2014/03 An Empirical Study of Knowledge and its Transition in Textbooks used in Universities
WU, XIAN 2016/03 Comparative Research Pertaining to the Internationalization of University Professor Positions in Japan and China
MIYOSHI, Noboru 2016/03 The Research on a Student’s Study Assessment in Japanese Higher Education
LI, Lihua 2016/09 Study on the Realities of Human Resource Development Through Industry-University Cooperation in Japanese Universities
KOTAKE, Masako  2017/05 University internationalization through English-taught degree programs in Japan- A case study of two national university undergraduate programs –
LIN, SHIMIN 2017/11 A Study of the Higher Education Evalution in China:Focusing on the Formation and Present Situation of Its System
MIYATA, Hirokazu 2020/12 Research on mandatory career education- From the perspective of the issue approach
MANABE, Ryo 2021/03 Rethinking “Learning Outcomes”: Suggestions from IR Cases of Local Private Universities
PAN, Qiujing 2021/03 The Development and Future of Independent Colleges in China:An Empirical Analysis of Its Educational Effects
MIKAMI, Ryo 2022/03
MAEDA, Kazuyuki 2022/03 Empirical Research on Environmental Adaptations of Universities: Focusing on Organisational Paradigm and Transaction Cost
NAKAO, Ran 2022/09 Statistical Analysis and Decision making Support in Higher Education: EBPM and Causal Inference as an Opportunity
FAN, Yizhou 2022/09 Second Foreign Language Education and the “Liberal Arts Component”
CHEN, Lilan 2022/09 The Integration of International Academics at Japanese Universities

Graduates of M.A. and M.Ed. Program

Name Date of Graduation
Thesis Title
LI, Chunsheng 1989/03 National Policy for Japanese Universities after the WW2 – Historical and Comparative Analysis
ISHIZUKA, Kimiyasu 1990/03 Foreign Language Education in Japan – Historical Analysis for the Time Before the WW2
ASONUMA, Akihiro 1992/03 Research System of Japanese National Universities after the WW2
OGATA, Naoyuki 1993/03 Employment Status of Junior College Graduates based on the follow-up survey
AMANO, Tomomi 1997/03 Function of Local Public Universities
KITAKAMI, Kumiko 1997/03 Economic Development and Changes of Higher Education in Singapore – Structure and Limitation for the System by National Government
SAITO, Yasuhiro 1997/03 Lifelong Learning and Public Openness of Universities – With Special Reference to the Admission of Adult Students
FUKUDOME, Hideto 1999/03 The Emergence and Development of Business Schools in American Universities – From Japanese Perspective
KATO, Hirokazu 2000/03 Reorganization of New-System Universities and the Emerging Process of College of Arts and Sciences (“Kyoyobu”) in Japan
HOSAKA, Masako 2000/03
SHICHIJO, Hisanobu 2002/03 Admission Office in Japanese Universities
KIMOTO, Naomi 2003/03 The Knowledge Structure of Home Economics in Japan
CUI, Ze 2003/03 Higher Education to Work in China
TAKEUCHI, Masakazu 2003/03 Organization of Colleges and Universities for Teachers
NOMURA, Masato 2003/03 Careers for National University Staffs
MIYAMURA, Ruriko 2003/03 Professionalization of University Staffs
OKANO, Hiroshi 2004/03 Searching for an Image of the Universities of the 21st Century – Focusing on Opinions, Requests, and Proposals from the Industrial World and Aiming for the Harmony and Synthesis of Those
KUSHIMOTO, Takeshi 2004/03 Outcome Assessment of Liberal Education in Japan
YE, Lin 2004/03 The Study of Transnational Education – A Focus on China
ONUKI, Yukiko 2005/03 A study on the Development of the learning support staff in American universities – professionalisation and differentiation towards universal higher education
MIYAKE, Yukinobu 2005/03 Research on health education in teacher training
SHINZATO, Yumi 2006/03 Students of diversify and Higher Education
HIROUCHI, Daisuke 2006/03 A Study on the Student’s status and rights in Japan After the W.W.Ⅱ Based on Judicial Precedents
LIU, Zhenyu 2006/03 Research on Internationalization of Academics in Japan – Impact of Chinese Academics –
TAKAMORI, Tomotsugu 2007/03 Research on Quality Assurance for Teacher Education
WANG, Lin 2007/03 A Comparative Study of Mergers in Higher Education Between Japan and China
LIU, Chang 2008/03 Career Education at University in Japan
KAGEYAMA, Aiko 2008/03 The survey on the internal control of Japanese higher education institutions- the implications from the questionnaire and interview surveys to the national university corporations-
TATEISHI, Shinji 2008/03 Research on student transfer between higher education institutions
HIRAOKA, Kimihiro 2008/03 Course decision process and problem of the diversified Postgraduate
HARADA, Kentaro 2008/09 Research on Textbooks used in Universities – Focusing on the Degree of Standardization and variation
NOJI, Noriko 2009/03 Research on Workplace Environment’s Influence on University Staff Members’ Ability to Exert Themselves
INOUE, Masaharu 2010/03 A Study on Staff Personnel Expenses for National Univerisity Corporations
TANAKA, Yusuke 2010/03 Educational Idea and the Current State of the Faculties of Letters in the Universities
HASHIMOTO, Noritaka 2010/03 Consideration Pertaining to the Uniform Introduction of Top-Down Style University Governance –
KAWASAKI, Hironobu 2011/03 Research Pertaining to the Required Factors of Industrial-Academic Cooperation – Targeting the Joint Research of National Universities –
KOTAKE, Masako 2011/03 A Study on developments of English taught degree programs in Dutch universities
DOI, Masanobu 2011/03 Research on clerical work organization reform in junior colleges – For the construction of “Learning Organization”-
NISHIMURA, Kunpei 2011/03 An Evaluation Study on 21st century COE program
MA, DongQu 2011/03 Research on the public curriculum of the university education-view from the comparison between Japan and China
XU, XiaoJian 2012/03 A Comparative Study of the Chinese and Japanese Primary Stage of Popularized Higher Education – Student Body Alteration Centered From Discipline Structure Viewpoint
MIKAMI, Ryo 2012/03 Research on the Curriculum of the Medical and Healthcare Profession – The Transition over to the Education and Training System of Physical therapist
MIYOSHI, Noboru 2012/03 The Empirical Research of Student’s Learning Outcomes and Informal Decision for Large Enterprise – Admission Learning Outcomes of Each Year and Faculty Member’s Engagement
MAEDA, Kazuyuki 2013/03 An Empirical Study of University Management and Presidential Leadership
CHEN, Yichen 2013/03 The Research of Women’s University in Japan
INOUE, Daiki 2014/03 Research Pertaining to the Influence that a Sense of Belonging Towards a University Has on Participation in Various Student Activities – Focusing on ‘Non-First Choice Students’ –
YUAN, Ting 2014/03 A Study of the Employment of Chinese Students in Japan – Consideration from the Position of Hiroshima Prefecture
HAYASHIDA, Chiori 2014/03 A Study of Impacts of College Experiences on Undergraduates’ Career Building: Focusing on Extracurricular Activities
OBAYASHI, Saori 2014/09 Policy Measures and Implementation Systems for Joint Degrees – A Comparative Study of Japan and Europe
ITO, Suguru 2015/03 Study on Transformation and Direction in Institute of Technology
XIE, Yanxiao 2016/03 Chinese University Entrance Examination Reform from 2010 Onwards
ZHU, Yingxue 2016/03 The Influence of Social Networks on Career-Path Selection of International Students Who Come to Japan – Using Hiroshima University as an Example –
MIYATA, Hirokazu 2016/03 Verification of the Significance of Career Education Within Universities: Through Empirical Analysis of Current Conditions and Effects
SASAKI, Hiroshi 2017/03 Study of Global Human Resource Education in Higher Education
TSURU, Kentaro 2017/03 Study on the Effect of Internship on the Learning Activity and Job-hunting of Undergraduate Student
BIAN, Yaru 2017/03 The Impact of Scholarship for International Students: A review of empirical – “National student survey” and “Questionnaire of actual conditions of student life of Hiroshima University”
MATSUMIYA, Shinji 2017/03 Empirical Research on the Impact of the Comprehensive Support Program for Private University Reform on the Educational Activities in Private Universities
KAWAGUCHI, Hiroyuki 2018/03
NAGAOKA, Tomoko 2018/03 Study on the effect of global human resource development through study abroad – On undergraduate students –
YU, Yang 2018/03 A Study of Undergraduate Curriculum for International Students at Chinese Universities: Case Studies of Hebei Province
ZHOU, Xuewen 2018/03 Study on Research Productivity and the Effectiveness of Competitive Grants Versus Basic Operating Funds
WANG, Jia 2018/03 A Study on the Effect of the Studying Abroad to the Japanese Master’s Course of the Chinese Foreign Student: Case of the Forreign Students in Osaka and Hiroshima
BO, Xue 2018/03 A Study of the Impact of Student Community in University: Mainly about the Function of Homeroom
FAN, Yizhou 2018/03 The Second Foreign Language Educations and Leberal-education curriculum in the University – via a historical approach focus on their roles and meanings
KIMURA,Yuki 2018/09 An empirical Study on Education Expenses until the university Graduation: Focusing on Preshool Education, Regional difference, Aid for expenses
KAWAMURA, Kazuhiro 2019/03 An Exploratory Research into Modeling of Higher Education Included in Community
SUNADA, Hiromasa 2019/03 Visualization of learning process in curriculum that blends theory and practice -Focus on student account of e-portfolio –
CHEN, Lilan 2019/03 A Study on International Faculties in JAPANESE Universities -Focusing on CHINESE Faculties-
REN, Mengyuan 2019/03 A Study on the Job Hunting of Chinese University Students: Case of the Japanese Course’s Students of the Three Universities in Liaoning Province
HORIUCHI, Kiyomi 2019/03 Public good(s) on higher education in Japan: An investigation of changing perspectives in stakeholders’ discourse
LI, Hanlong 2019/03 Study on the distribution principle of the number of student recrutment in Chinese Double First-Class University -Using a modified gravity model of the population movement-
YAMAOKA, Naoki 2020/03
CHEN, Yuqi 2020/03 A study on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School in China: Sino-Foreign Cooperation University
KAWADA, Kousei 2021/03 A study of the criticism over universities’ function in human resource development: focusing on the word “gap”
JIAN, Luochen 2021/03 The selection of higher education institutions by High School student from Chinese farm village area: Centering the formation and influences of their parents’ notions of higher education
KANG, Kaixiang 2021/03 International students’ Learning in Japan University- Focus on the Change of Learning Conception-
CHEN, Xinyu 2021/03 Research on success factors of the job searching of foreign students in Japan – mainly targeting the Chinese foreign student of the master’s course
NAKAMOTO, Ryousuke 2021/03
FANG, Ke 2021/03 A study on the factors that form the prejudice of Chinese students toward African international students
HASHIMOTO, Aya 2022/03
WANG, Jiaqi 2022/03 Research on articulation reform policy in China-focus on the large-scale enrollment
MA, Congcong 2022/03
LU, Yanli 2022/03
XUE, Jiahe 2023/03 “Employment Difficulty” in Yong Pepole’s Discourse System
TAN, Zhixi 2023/03 University student’s motivation of learning in compulsory subjects of liberal arts education
DING, Xiuyu 2023/03 The impact of the corona Virus Infectione Disease on Chinise University Students’ Attitude toward Studying in Japan:Focusing on Short-Term Study Abroad
MA, Chenzheng 2023/03 A Phenomenographic Analysis of Undergraduates’ critical Thinking Experiences in Japan
YE, Qian 2023/03
LIU, Hanyi 2023/03 The History and Current Status of Pseudoscience in China an Analysis Based on Articles in Pepole’s Daily from 1949 to 2022

Main Places of Employment

Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo; Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University; Comprehensive Education Center, Prefectural University of Hiroshima; Center for the Advancement of Higher Education, Tohoku University; Hangzhou Normal University, China; Department of Higher Education Research, Guidance and National Institute for Educational Policy Research; The Office for Educational Planning and Research, Ehime University; Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Osaka; Yomiuri Shimbun; University Education Center, University of the Ryukyus; Reimei Publishing; Yonago Technical College; Osaka University; Hiroshima City University etc.