Report on the international workshop ‘COVID-19 and Higher Education’

Opening Remarks by Director of RIHE, Prof. Kobayashi

Report on: the international workshop ‘COVOD-19 and Higher Education’

Dates: December 11, 2021

Venue: Online (Zoom)  

Report contributed by: Professor Futao Huang

The RIHE hosted an online international workshop on 11 December 2021.
In the first section of the workshop, Professor Shinichi Kobayashi, Vice President of Hiroshima University and Director of the RIHE made an opening speech, entitled “COVID-19 and Higher Education”. He made a brief introduction to the history of the RIHE and the responses made by Hiroshima University to COVID-19. Professor Richard James from Australia, Associate Professor from China, Professor Motohisa Kaneko from Japan, Professor Hans de Wit from the Netherlands, and Professor Roger Goodman from the UK were invited to talk by primarily addressing the following broad questions based on policy analysis, case studies, and survey findings. These questions are as follows.

1. What challenges have case countries and systems faced and would face because of the pandemic of 2020 and beyond?
2. What general and specific challenges can be identified based on the comparative research into typical case countries?
3. How have case countries and systems dealt and would deal with this challenge to shape a new normal?
4. What will be the implications derived from this global and comparative study for the future of HE?

In the second section, Professor Akiyoshi Yonezawa from Tohoku University, Japan, make a comment on the five speakers’ presentations. Then there was a panel discussion, in which questions and comments were also taken from participants.

Abstract, Program, and Speaker Details can be found from here.

The meeting proceedings will be available on the next issue of RIHE International Seminar Reports in Spring 2022.



はじめに、小林センター長が新型コロナウイルス感染症と高等教育をテーマに、当センターの沿革や広大の新型コロナウイルス感染症への対策を紹介すると共に、開会の挨拶をしました。またオーストラリアメルボルン大学のRichard James教授、イギリスオックスフォード大学のRoger Goodman教授、オランダのHans de Wit教授、中国北京大学の沈文欽准教授、日本の筑波大学の金子元久教授が、政策分析や、事例研究、全国アンケート調査等の手法を用いて、下記の課題を中心に講演致しました。







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