RIHE Open Seminar “Mobility and Funding in Higher Education”/ December 2, 2019

The open seminar will be held as follows:

 10:00-12:00, Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Mobility and Funding in Higher Education

Room No. 112, RIHE, Hiroshima University

Marcel Gérard, Professor Emeritus, Université catholique de Louvain

We are all the children of wandering people. Across centuries we have moved to escape starvation, violence, poverty, but also to discover, to learn, to get more freedom. Handy workers have moved, and the brightest in arts and sciences as well.
In this seminar, we focus on one group of migrants, the highly skilled, including students. Though it is generally accepted that international mobility is good for prosperity and growth, individually and socially, the debate remains open of its financing: who is to bear which costs? which government, which individual, and why reality is (not) so? The seminar highlights the debate providing arguments based on both theory and evidence.
Finally, we suggest policy reforms and further research.


・Participation fee is free.
・Some photos will be taken during the seminar. These will be used for our website, report etc. Thank you for your understanding.

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