The 7th Open Seminar “Transformation of the Societies and Universities in Latin America: Trends and Challenges”/ 27 February 2017

The open seminar will be held as follows:

15:00-17:00, Monday, February 27th, 2017

Transformation of the Societies and Universities in Latin America: Trends and Challenges

Room112, RIHE, Hiroshima University

Axel Didriksson Takayanagui (PhD) Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), GUNI – The Global University Network for Innovation

Since the beginning of the current century, a general tendency toward creation of new models of organization, knowledge management, curricular processes and ways of learning has been seen in many parts of the world. Cases in Latin America will be emphasized in this presentation, although the trends are also present in other regions (e.g. Asia Pacific or Europe). The trends include both the development of new institutions of higher education and emerging innovative models in existing Universities.
Nevertheless, there is a crucial challenges to be confronted during the next decade, because Universities have been pretty static in form of the past century or more, but new forms related with the social and economic processes, are beginning to appear more rapidly since the turn of the century.
This change is related to and driven by societal changes and economic needs, and particularly by the need to include a broader segment of the population than the traditional HE model has served.
We expect that our analytic study of current trends and challenges in the Latin American region can provide a perspective for supporting and guiding critical but crucial at policy level.


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