RIHE International Publication Series No.7

Title University Reforms and Academic Governance : Reports of the 2000 Three-Nation Workshop on Academic Governance
Author(s) Akira Arimoto
Publication Date 2001 – 3
Page-Size 145
Volume 7
Contents Keynote Paper
Comparative Study of Academic Governance:its Purpose and Framework / Akira Arimoto
Part I Japan
1.Present Situation of the University Management / Atsunori Yamanoi
2.Present Situation of the University Reform / Tomomi Amano
3.Management of the University in the 21st Century:A Brief Report as the Case of National Univrsities / Naoyuki Ogata
4.The Role of Universities in Relation with Changing National Economy from the Case in Japan / Shinichi Yamamoto
Part II Switzerland
Responsiveness,Responsibility and Accountability in Swiss University Governance / Luc Weber, Yuko Harayama,
Part III U.S.A
Accountability and Market Responsiveness in the United States / Robert Zemsky
Concluding Remarks
Dimensions of Comparison with a Focus on Importance of Governance Structure / Akira Arimoto