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This publication carries English articles on the topic of general significance by leading international scholars in the field of higher education. It circulates fairly widely among researchers and organizations internationally, and draws a great deal of attention as one of representative English publications at Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE). The publication originally started in 2003 with the aim of showing the research outcome on the “21st COE program”. Since then, it has been annually published. It has been indexed in SCOPUS, ERIC and NSD.

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Higher Education Forum 19 (March, 2022)English

Contents + PDF

Higher Education Forum18 (March, 2021)English

Contents + PDF   

Higher Education Forum 17 (March, 2020)English

Contents + PDF  Special Issue for APIKS

Higher Education Forum 16 (March, 2019)English

Contents + PDF  Special Issue for HER2017

Higher Education Forum 15 (March, 2018)English

Contents + PDF

Higher Education Forum 14 (March, 2017)English

Contents + PDF

Higher Education Forum 13 (March, 2016)English

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Higher Education Forum 12 (March, 2015)English

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Higher Education Forum 11 (March, 2014)English

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Higher Education Forum 10 (March, 2013)English

○ 127pp
○ Contents

Postmortem for the Current Era: Change in American higher education, 1980 – 2010
/ Roger L. Geiger

Student Mobility Revisited
/ Hanneke Teekens

Diversity and Quality in Higher Education: A comparison of preferential policies in India and the U.S.
/ Ratna Ghosh

“Why” and “How” Matter: Student engagement in China’s universities
/ Jinghuan Shi, Shu Wang and Liusi Guan

Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation in the Global Market for Higher Education: An economic perspective
/ Yukari Matsuzuka

Beyond the University: International university co-operation and network capital
/ brian D. Denman and Neil Dunstan

Higher Education in Algeria: Evolution and perspectives
/ Nabil Bouzid, Zineddine Berrouche and Youcef Berkane


Higher Education Forum 9 (March, 2012)English

○ 110pp
○ Contents

Everything for Sale? The marketisation of UK higher education 1980-2012
/ Roger brown and Helen Carasso

University Reform Now in Japan: From a screening device toward a place of teaching and learning
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

The International Student Density Effect: A profile of a global movement of talent at a group of major U.S. universities
/ Chun-Mei Zhao and John Douglass

Higher Education Reforms and Revitalization of the Sector
/ N.V. Varghese

Promoting Interdisciplinary Doctoral Education: Expectations and opportunities
/ Lisa R. Lattuca

Towards a Better Ranking in Higher Education and Research: Critique of global university rankings and an alternative
/ Don F. Westerheijden

Addressing the Challenge of Maintaining the Australian Academic Workforce
/ Sophie Arkoudis, Emmaline Bexley and Richard James


Higher Education Forum 8 (March, 2011)English

○ 111pp
○ Contents

The Changing Nature of Academic Work from an International Comparative Perspective
/ Akira Arimoto

Higher Education in Africa: the challenges ahead
/ Goolam Mohamedbhai

The Public/Private Dynamics in Polish Higher Education: demand-absorbing private growth and its implications
/ Marek Kwiek

Casual Academics: Australia’s hidden academic workforce
/ Emmaline Bexley and Chi Baik

Employability, Equity and Elite Formation / Louise Morley

Higher Education Reform in Argentina in the 1990s: paradoxes of government intervention in a minimalist state model
/ Monica Marquina


Higher Education Forum 7 (March, 2010)English

○ 131pp
○ Contents

The Limits of Market Reform in Higher Education
/ Simon Marginson

From Government to Governance: new mechanisms of steering higher education
/ Barbara M. Kehm

National Initiatives for Building World-Class Universities: comparison between Asian and European experiences
/ Qiaoqiao Deng, Qi Wang and Nian Cai Liu

Public Expenditure on Higher Education in Japan
/ Fumihiro Maruyama

Increase in PhD Production and Reform of Doctoral Education Worldwide
/ Maresi Nerad

The Graduate Foundations of Research in brazil

/ Elizabeth Balbachevsky and Simon Schwartzman

Access & Quality Dilemma in Education: implication for Namibia’s Vision 2030
/ Elizabeth M. Amukugo, Gilbert N. Likando and John Mushaandja

The American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: impact on state higher education policy
/ Rayburn Barton


Higher Education Forum 6 (March, 2009)English

○ 122pp
○ Contents

Globalization, International Rankings, and the American Model: a reassessment
/ William G. Tierney

The Meaning and Recognition of Double and Joint Degree Programs
/ Jane Knight

Intermediary Bodies in UK Higher Education Governance, with Particular Reference to Universities UK
/ William Locke

Transnational Higher Education in China: thirty years of development
/ Shengbing Li

The Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa since 1994: achievements and challenges
/ Charste C. Wolhuter

On Field Knowledge in Higher Education Research
/ Jussi Valimaa

Mexican Higher Education at a Crossroads: topics for a new agenda in public policies
/ Jesus F. Galaz-Fontes, Manuel Gil-Anton, Laura E. Padilla-Gonzalez, Juan J. Sevilla-Garcia, Jorge G. Martinez-Stack, and Jose L. Arcos-Vega

The Triumvirate Governing Japan’s Higher Education Policy since the 1990s: perspectives on neo-liberalism
/ Aya Yoshida


Higher Education Forum 5 (March, 2008)English

○ 154pp
○ Contents

Development and Problems: Higher Education Research in China at the Beginning of the 21st Century
/ Pan Maoyuan and Liu Xiaoqiang

Social Responsibility of Universities in Thailand
/ Charas Suwanwela

Scenario-Building Approach to Constructing Models for Universities in Malaysia
/ Morshidi Sirat, Norzaini Azman, and Mohd. Azhari Karim

Is Academic Capitalism, U.S. Style, for Japan? Challenges, Costs, Choices
/ Gary Rhoades

Problems with the Academy: markets and massification
/ Keith J. Morgan

The Research Training Mission of the University: Challenges to Traditional Systems of Doctoral Education
/ Kay Harman

The Development and Quality Assurance of Graduate Education in Japan
/ Fumihiro Maruyama

Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Canada: from patchwork to national policy
/ Hans G. Schuetze

Learning Outcomes of College Students in Japan: Comparative Analysis between and within Universities
/ Reiko Yamada

Service-Learning in American Higher Education: An Analysis
/ Arthur Ellis, Gregory Bianchi, and Kathy Shoop

Higher Education Forum 4 (February, 2007)English

○ 112pp
○ Contents

Recent Issues in Higher Education Reform in Japan: the Relationship between the Social System and the Higher Education System
/ Akira Arimoto

Reform and Change of German Research Universities
/ Jurgen Enders

Academic Boundaries: are they Still Needed?
/ Mary Henkel

Measuring the Quality of University Teaching: the Australian Experience of Performance Indicators for Teaching
/ Kerri-Lee Harris, Kelly Farrell and Richard James

Subject Benchmarking in the UK
/ Gareth Williams

The Role of Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia in Modernization of Islamic Thinking in Indonesia
/ M. K. Tadjudin

The Incorporation of National Universities and its Impact on Higher Education In Japan
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

Internationalizing University Education in Singapore: future Directions
/ Michael H. Lee and S. Gopinathan

Higher Education Forum 3 (March, 2006)English

○ 100pp
○ Contents

Globalization and Knowledge Production: An Asian Tilt?
/ William K. Cummings

The Evaluative State and Bologna: Old Wine in New Bottles or simply the Ancient Practice of ‘Coupage’?
/ Guy Neave

Modern Academic Governance
/ Michael Shattock

The Revolution in Faculty Appointments in the United States. What has it Meant for Academic Careers?
And What Might it Mean for Japan?
/ Martin J. Finkelstein

Doctoral Education in the United States, Past and Present, and the Key Role of Chemistry
/ Roger L. Geiger

Ideology and Higher Education Studies in Japan and the UK: Theoretico-Methodological Issues
/ Keiko Yokoyama

Higher Education Forum 2 (March, 2005)English

○ 156pp
○ Contents

Genetic Entrepreneurialism among American Universities
/ Burton R. Clark

The Demise of Public Good in the Neo-liberal Coordination of Higher Education : the Case of Australia
/ V. Lynn Meek

Towards a ”European Higher Education Area”: Visions and Realities
/ Ulrich Teichler

National Policy Shift on Social Stratification in Higher Education
/ Akira Arimoto

Professor and Sensei: The Construction of Faculty Roles in the United States and Japan
/ Robert Birnbaum

The Academic Marketplace in Japan: Inbreeding, Grades and Organization at Research Universities
/ Atsunori Yamanoi

A Comparative Study of Massification of Higher Education in China and Japan
/ Fu-tao Huang

Female Access to Higher Education in China since the 1990s: Process, Problem and Prospect
/ Yezhu Zhao

Teaching, Scholarship and Research: an undistributed middle
/ Keith J. Morgan

Higher Education Forum 1 (2003)English

○ 134pp
○ Contents

Centers and Peripheries in the Academic Profession : the Special Challenges of Developing Countries
/ Philip G. Altbach

Main Issues European Higher Education and Research
/Luc E. Weber

Mutual Recognition and Credit Transfer in Europe : Experiences and Problems
/Ulrich Teichler

Higher Education Reform and the Public Legitimacy Debate
/ Peter Maassen

The Higher Education System in Japan : the Role of Government since 1945
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

Recent Higher Education Reforms in Japan : Consideration of Social Conditions, Functions, and Structure
/ Akira Arimoto

Re-construction and Expectations of the Higher Education System : a Study on the Reform of the Administrative System for Higher Education in China since 1990
/ Xuefei Chen

Higher Education in England in the 21st Century
/ Keith J. Morgan

Australia’s System of Quality Assurance for Higher Education : Development, Key Elements, and Current Operation
/ Grant Harman