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Higher Education Forum 19 (March, 2022)English

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Higher Education Forum18 (March, 2021)English

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Higher Education Forum 17 (March, 2020)English

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Higher Education Forum 16 (March, 2019)English

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Higher Education Forum 15 (March, 2018)English

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Higher Education Forum 14 (March, 2017)English

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Higher Education Forum 13 (March, 2016)English

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Higher Education Forum 12 (March, 2015)English

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Higher Education Forum 11 (March, 2014)English

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Higher Education Forum 10 (March, 2013)English

○ 127pp
○ Contents

Postmortem for the Current Era: Change in American higher education, 1980 – 2010
/ Roger L. Geiger

Student Mobility Revisited
/ Hanneke Teekens

Diversity and Quality in Higher Education: A comparison of preferential policies in India and the U.S.
/ Ratna Ghosh

“Why” and “How” Matter: Student engagement in China’s universities
/ Jinghuan Shi, Shu Wang and Liusi Guan

Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation in the Global Market for Higher Education: An economic perspective
/ Yukari Matsuzuka

Beyond the University: International university co-operation and network capital
/ brian D. Denman and Neil Dunstan

Higher Education in Algeria: Evolution and perspectives
/ Nabil Bouzid, Zineddine Berrouche and Youcef Berkane


Higher Education Forum 9 (March, 2012)English

○ 110pp
○ Contents

Everything for Sale? The marketisation of UK higher education 1980-2012
/ Roger brown and Helen Carasso

University Reform Now in Japan: From a screening device toward a place of teaching and learning
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

The International Student Density Effect: A profile of a global movement of talent at a group of major U.S. universities
/ Chun-Mei Zhao and John Douglass

Higher Education Reforms and Revitalization of the Sector
/ N.V. Varghese

Promoting Interdisciplinary Doctoral Education: Expectations and opportunities
/ Lisa R. Lattuca

Towards a Better Ranking in Higher Education and Research: Critique of global university rankings and an alternative
/ Don F. Westerheijden

Addressing the Challenge of Maintaining the Australian Academic Workforce
/ Sophie Arkoudis, Emmaline Bexley and Richard James


Higher Education Forum 8 (March, 2011)English

○ 111pp
○ Contents

The Changing Nature of Academic Work from an International Comparative Perspective
/ Akira Arimoto

Higher Education in Africa: the challenges ahead
/ Goolam Mohamedbhai

The Public/Private Dynamics in Polish Higher Education: demand-absorbing private growth and its implications
/ Marek Kwiek

Casual Academics: Australia’s hidden academic workforce
/ Emmaline Bexley and Chi Baik

Employability, Equity and Elite Formation / Louise Morley

Higher Education Reform in Argentina in the 1990s: paradoxes of government intervention in a minimalist state model
/ Monica Marquina


Higher Education Forum 7 (March, 2010)English

○ 131pp
○ Contents

The Limits of Market Reform in Higher Education
/ Simon Marginson

From Government to Governance: new mechanisms of steering higher education
/ Barbara M. Kehm

National Initiatives for Building World-Class Universities: comparison between Asian and European experiences
/ Qiaoqiao Deng, Qi Wang and Nian Cai Liu

Public Expenditure on Higher Education in Japan
/ Fumihiro Maruyama

Increase in PhD Production and Reform of Doctoral Education Worldwide
/ Maresi Nerad

The Graduate Foundations of Research in brazil

/ Elizabeth Balbachevsky and Simon Schwartzman

Access & Quality Dilemma in Education: implication for Namibia’s Vision 2030
/ Elizabeth M. Amukugo, Gilbert N. Likando and John Mushaandja

The American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: impact on state higher education policy
/ Rayburn Barton


Higher Education Forum 6 (March, 2009)English

○ 122pp
○ Contents

Globalization, International Rankings, and the American Model: a reassessment
/ William G. Tierney

The Meaning and Recognition of Double and Joint Degree Programs
/ Jane Knight

Intermediary Bodies in UK Higher Education Governance, with Particular Reference to Universities UK
/ William Locke

Transnational Higher Education in China: thirty years of development
/ Shengbing Li

The Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa since 1994: achievements and challenges
/ Charste C. Wolhuter

On Field Knowledge in Higher Education Research
/ Jussi Valimaa

Mexican Higher Education at a Crossroads: topics for a new agenda in public policies
/ Jesus F. Galaz-Fontes, Manuel Gil-Anton, Laura E. Padilla-Gonzalez, Juan J. Sevilla-Garcia, Jorge G. Martinez-Stack, and Jose L. Arcos-Vega

The Triumvirate Governing Japan’s Higher Education Policy since the 1990s: perspectives on neo-liberalism
/ Aya Yoshida


Higher Education Forum 5 (March, 2008)English

○ 154pp
○ Contents

Development and Problems: Higher Education Research in China at the Beginning of the 21st Century
/ Pan Maoyuan and Liu Xiaoqiang

Social Responsibility of Universities in Thailand
/ Charas Suwanwela

Scenario-Building Approach to Constructing Models for Universities in Malaysia
/ Morshidi Sirat, Norzaini Azman, and Mohd. Azhari Karim

Is Academic Capitalism, U.S. Style, for Japan? Challenges, Costs, Choices
/ Gary Rhoades

Problems with the Academy: markets and massification
/ Keith J. Morgan

The Research Training Mission of the University: Challenges to Traditional Systems of Doctoral Education
/ Kay Harman

The Development and Quality Assurance of Graduate Education in Japan
/ Fumihiro Maruyama

Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Canada: from patchwork to national policy
/ Hans G. Schuetze

Learning Outcomes of College Students in Japan: Comparative Analysis between and within Universities
/ Reiko Yamada

Service-Learning in American Higher Education: An Analysis
/ Arthur Ellis, Gregory Bianchi, and Kathy Shoop

Higher Education Forum 4 (February, 2007)English

○ 112pp
○ Contents

Recent Issues in Higher Education Reform in Japan: the Relationship between the Social System and the Higher Education System
/ Akira Arimoto

Reform and Change of German Research Universities
/ Jurgen Enders

Academic Boundaries: are they Still Needed?
/ Mary Henkel

Measuring the Quality of University Teaching: the Australian Experience of Performance Indicators for Teaching
/ Kerri-Lee Harris, Kelly Farrell and Richard James

Subject Benchmarking in the UK
/ Gareth Williams

The Role of Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia in Modernization of Islamic Thinking in Indonesia
/ M. K. Tadjudin

The Incorporation of National Universities and its Impact on Higher Education In Japan
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

Internationalizing University Education in Singapore: future Directions
/ Michael H. Lee and S. Gopinathan

Higher Education Forum 3 (March, 2006)English

○ 100pp
○ Contents

Globalization and Knowledge Production: An Asian Tilt?
/ William K. Cummings

The Evaluative State and Bologna: Old Wine in New Bottles or simply the Ancient Practice of ‘Coupage’?
/ Guy Neave

Modern Academic Governance
/ Michael Shattock

The Revolution in Faculty Appointments in the United States. What has it Meant for Academic Careers?
And What Might it Mean for Japan?
/ Martin J. Finkelstein

Doctoral Education in the United States, Past and Present, and the Key Role of Chemistry
/ Roger L. Geiger

Ideology and Higher Education Studies in Japan and the UK: Theoretico-Methodological Issues
/ Keiko Yokoyama

Higher Education Forum 2 (March, 2005)English

○ 156pp
○ Contents

Genetic Entrepreneurialism among American Universities
/ Burton R. Clark

The Demise of Public Good in the Neo-liberal Coordination of Higher Education : the Case of Australia
/ V. Lynn Meek

Towards a ”European Higher Education Area”: Visions and Realities
/ Ulrich Teichler

National Policy Shift on Social Stratification in Higher Education
/ Akira Arimoto

Professor and Sensei: The Construction of Faculty Roles in the United States and Japan
/ Robert Birnbaum

The Academic Marketplace in Japan: Inbreeding, Grades and Organization at Research Universities
/ Atsunori Yamanoi

A Comparative Study of Massification of Higher Education in China and Japan
/ Fu-tao Huang

Female Access to Higher Education in China since the 1990s: Process, Problem and Prospect
/ Yezhu Zhao

Teaching, Scholarship and Research: an undistributed middle
/ Keith J. Morgan

Higher Education Forum 1 (2003)English

○ 134pp
○ Contents

Centers and Peripheries in the Academic Profession : the Special Challenges of Developing Countries
/ Philip G. Altbach

Main Issues European Higher Education and Research
/Luc E. Weber

Mutual Recognition and Credit Transfer in Europe : Experiences and Problems
/Ulrich Teichler

Higher Education Reform and the Public Legitimacy Debate
/ Peter Maassen

The Higher Education System in Japan : the Role of Government since 1945
/ Shinichi Yamamoto

Recent Higher Education Reforms in Japan : Consideration of Social Conditions, Functions, and Structure
/ Akira Arimoto

Re-construction and Expectations of the Higher Education System : a Study on the Reform of the Administrative System for Higher Education in China since 1990
/ Xuefei Chen

Higher Education in England in the 21st Century
/ Keith J. Morgan

Australia’s System of Quality Assurance for Higher Education : Development, Key Elements, and Current Operation
/ Grant Harman