Message from the Director

Fumihiro Maruyama

Fumihiro Maruyama Director and Professor, Hiroshima University

Visit us, Talk with us, and Make use of our resources

 The Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE) at Hiroshima University was established in the old downtown campus of Hiroshima city in 1972. Since then it has provided ample information and research outcomes and offered graduate programs in the field of higher education. Eventually it established a reputation as a leading research center on higher education among scholars, policy makers, university administrators, graduate students from Japan and foreign countries. This reputation would not have been earned without tremendous efforts of full-time and part-time academic staff, administrative staff, and other visiting scholars inside and outside Hiroshima University. I thank all those who have contributed to the center.

 Today, it is publicly known that RIHE is the largest research institute in the field of higher education in Japan. There are currently ten full-time academic staff who conduct research on various topics in higher education policies; finance; comparative research; sociology and economics of higher education; faculty and staff development; and other areas. Those staff members have been devoting themselves to their own research and also to research projects in which the center is involved.

 RIHE contributes to the field of higher education research by organizing seminars and publishing journal articles. Our annual national seminars on higher education, mainly for researchers in Japan, have more than 40-year history. We also organize international seminars every two years. Those seminars offer the latest information and research outcomes to the participants from various universities. We offer different types of publications both in English and Japanese such as Higher Education Forum and RIHE International Seminar Reports. RIHE also provides information such as statistical data on our website and brochures. Thanks to the efforts of our administrative staff members and librarians, our library contains the largest collection of publications on higher education in Japan.

 RIHE offers graduate programs. Currently Japanese and other Asian students are learning about the field of higher education. Many of our graduates are working as academics at various universities across the country. Some of our graduate students are full-time administrative staff in Hiroshima University or other universities; therefore we meet their needs by offering courses at night, during weekends or as intensive courses during summer or winter break.

 We have a visiting professor program which offers foreign scholars in residence research opportunities at Hiroshima University. So far the institute has accepted scholars from China, Korea, and the United States, and so on.

 RIHE is quite active in research, education and other social contributions. Scholars in the field of higher education from all over the world are very welcome. Visit us. Talk with us. And make use of our resources. 

April 2014